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This is a community-driven site devoted to the game 7 Days to Die and making mods for it.

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Joining the Wilderness Project Team or Submitting Prefabs

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So, are you interested in joining the Wilderness Project Team or submit a prefab or two to the project?
This is where you do it. Every week or so depending on submissions we will review the community voted content here and add it to the test servers for people to check out. This also means the test servers can and will usually be wiped weekly.

Private message me to get access to allow uploading your prefab as an attachment and get a spiffy banner under your username letting people know that you are getting involved with the project.

You'll have to submit your prefab in the submission area and community members will also be able to download it and install on their own games/servers, so make sure it's functional and ready to go. The only way you're going to get good critique on it is if people can access it and post opinions or findings on it.

You'll need to familiarize yourself with the design guidelines, (link below), and include a description of your prefab and some basic information about it In the following format so it can be categorized...

When posting your prefab for submission, use this format:

Difficulty and Tier if applicable

It will also be helpful to include a couple of screenshots and any other pertinent information you want people to know about.

Well it's very possible that you may have overlooked something in its design or a bug that you didn't catch, we just ask that you do your best to put forth a prefab that is as close to what can be considered final as possible. We aren't going to discourage submitting a prefab for bug testing but prefer that you note that up front- It's going to be the community at large that will mostly have the final say whether your work gets put into The Wilderness Project’s official packages.

Design Guidelines

Are you interested in joining the test servers to see what's going to be added to the project packages?
Content creators with community endorsed submissions are free to come and go on the servers for testing purposes, and for now access for regular players is going to be for the Wilderness Project supporters.
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