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January 2023 Updates...


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Updates have been kind of on the quiet side for the last few weeks, the main reason is I got shot with the covid bullet. Been doing a little bit here and there, but I guess if there could be a silver lining involved here I've had an opportunity to rethink and expand on some of the ideas that I had sitting on the back burner with Environments.

This garbage started right after Christmas and here it is already the second week in January and only now starting to feel somewhat normal again. this shit just outright sucks.

We have since gotten a little bit more information about Alpha 21 and I think I'm pretty comfortable with how I'm going to be structuring the skills and recipes to for the most part, drop right in to a vanilla or modded game.

A few people have asked me about weapons and vehicles. Nope. Other modders are doing that and honestly beyond a certain point I feel that it's just a waste of time and resources. “Oh look! Another weapon! Oh look! Another vehicle!

I still might consider doing a UI but honestly, SMX has that locked down pretty well and it's flexible enough to be used with multiple mods, all in the name of customizing the game the way you want. Other modders out there seem hell bent on locking everything into their own little system, and it's just not flexible enough for me.

People have every right to play the way they want to and I'm not one to get in the way of that but as far as the work that I'm doing, I'm maintaining the idea that in a real apocalypse, most of this shit just isn't going to exist or work. After a certain point with me, anybody can add more gear, more workstations and min max themselves into being numb from the grind. More power to them.

Anyways, I'm back at it and rather than wasting time listing all of the things that I'm working on I'm just going to tell you to pay attention to the wiki, and for a little while yet still, the periodic updates I'll be dropping in here.