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WP Rebirth Overhaul Maps 6 Pack

WP Rebirth Overhaul Maps 6 Pack

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This is a series of 8k and 10k maps made for the Rebirth overhaul by Furious Ramsay. If you are running a vanilla game and only using ZZTong's prefabs you could also run these maps I believe. as they are part of the Rebirth overhaul as well.

They could be used for multiplayer servers or single player games.



In a true Wolfrune and the Wilderness Project style I have minimized the players starting points to three so that you don't have far to run and for multiplayer it is easy to find your other friends at spawn in...

You do need to be running the Rebirth Overhaul of course, and other than the maps nothing else is required.

Installation is easy. Just unpack the zip archive and place the maps in your world's folder.


The Rebirth Discord and also download the current builds of the overhaul: https://discord.gg/SmGyW6xxtv

The Wilderness project website is a full featured site devoted to my maps and my own overhaul that is in progress. Stop in and register, discuss the maps and other development and enjoy yourself.

Donations for Coffee: <-- I wont complain if you want to spot me a coffee, I go through alot.
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