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Unity3D Resource Bundle Multi-Asset Exporter

Unity3D Resource Bundle Multi-Asset Exporter

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This package adds two different way to create unity3d resource bundles. It contains the well known asset exporter script known by the 7 Days to Die modding scene, with different options to make use of the much faster LZ4 compression more easily.

Exporter Script options

And an additional more advanced way to handle unity3d resource bundles, by defining all assets that go into the resource bundle once. You can there also configure various options, e.g. to use either LZ4 or LZMA compression, and you only define the save location once. Then you just update the export unity3d bund file on demand by clicking a single button.

Create Unity3D Bundle Asset

Use in Unity​

Use the following url to add it to unity via package manager:


Unity Package Manager

Use specific version​

You may also use a specific version by specifying a release:


See https://github.com/OCB7D2D/UnityAssetExporter/branches

Add as dependency to your unity project​

If you want to add this exporter as a dependency to your project, you can either do that by using the package manager, or you could also just edit/create Packages/manifest.json with the following:

"dependencies": {
"ch.ocbnet.unityassetexporter": "https://github.com/OCB7D2D/UnityAssetExporter.git#upm@master",

Unity3D Asset Bundle Exporter​

Once you have created the asset in any folder, you can start to configure it. You mainly need to select or drag&drop all assets you want to export into the Objects list.

Then "Set unity3d resource path" to where the final bundle should be stored. Latest version will make this path relative to make it easier to copy your unity project around (at least for me).

Selected Assets in Bundle3D

Alternatively you can enable the incubating feature to just include everything under certain folders. For that you need to enable the checkmark "Include assets from folders". Now you can also add folders directly to the "Objects" list and everything in it will be included in the export (fine-tune by toggling recursiveness).

Selected Assets in Bundle3D
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