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Swampland City Tile System (A20)

TWP Inclusion Swampland City Tile System (A20)

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Welcome to Swampland! A new city/tile system that generates a large lake with numerous islands and some new interesting custom POI's.

The intent of this project was to do a proof-of-concept in anticipation of the new water system expected with the upcoming A21 version of 7 Days 2 die. Because the current water system is pretty glitchy, I've had to make a lot of compromises (water depth, underwater ground material and terrain decorations, etc). However, with the expected new water system for A21, I'm hoping to make this much more immersive.

This is pre-release of Swampland - and I would really appreciate any input from players out there that have had a chance to give this a try!

I've integrated/modified some of my other original POI's (Maunsel Forts, Rose Abbey), as well as constructed several new POI's designed specifically for the Swamp environment. Additionally, several 7D2D vanilla POI's have been modified to work with this as well.

This will need to be installed as a Mod. Simply unzip the downloaded file into your Appdata folder ( ....AppData > Roaming > 7Days2Die > Mods ), generate a new world/game, and have fun!

NOTE: If the game was open/running when you unzipped the file into your Mods folder, you will need to close the game and start it back up again so it will recognize that there is a new mod that it needs to load.
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