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Old West Migration by Arramus

TWP Inclusion Old West Migration by Arramus

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Old West Migration is a small modlet that provides the following:

- Increases the size of the Old West tiling system.
- Increases the amount of Old West settlements being created in a RWG.
- Adds a gateway Trader to the Old West tiling system.
- Adds custom Old West POIs that can be quested and are in context with the Old West theme.
- Converts remnant and decorative default POIs to quest POIs.
- Adds a custom tile to expand the current TFP selection.
- Adds decoration POIs to the desert and forest biomes in context with the Old West theme.
- Allows players to add the 'rural' POIs as an outskirt district which surrounds the Old West (Optional by uncommenting the xml)


Terms of Use:
Content within the Old West Migration Modlet (xml and Prefabs) can be freely integrated into Modpacks and Overhauls 'as is' or customised to match the context of their use.
This Modlet expands on The Fun Pimps' default Old West area of 7D2D. Please do not use any content within this Modlet for creations which perform a similar function.

The Old West Migration Modlet is open to collaboration ideas upon request.
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