The Story:
You wake up one morning and realize there's nothing left in the South. The same places, the same people- or at least what is left of them. Maybe there was something to the stories that old man you found had been telling you. He seemed crazy, but watching him take out that whole room of ferals with a butter-knife and a can of peas left you shaking.

"What's the matter boy? Up North you have to think on your feet, and trust me it gets harder after darkness has fallen- a LOT harder. But if you got the balls and want to make your way in this world, quit hangin' out at the ladies underwear department hoping to catch some side skin."

"Oh yeah, get rid of that damn pink spray painted rifle too. Not only will it get you killed up there, but even the damn zeds will laugh at you while they are chewing on your jugular."

"Take it from Ol' Wolf, there's a prize out there to be had but you have to go get it. It ain't going to come to you down here."

...A god damn can of PEAS.

You decide after the sun goes down your going to leave. You wonder what's up north, all you know about it is it gets cold up there. You toss that rifle out the window and think to yourself, "Yeah, the pink was kind of out there."

Introduction and Notes:
These are a set of 8K and 10K maps I made to introduce you to a little bit of a different way to make your way through 7 Days to Die. Undead Legacy is already a bit harder just in the vanilla sense, and by design this kicks it up a few more notches. You start out at what's left of the forest and from there it goes from 0 to 60 in a quarter mile. There are only three spawn points in the same area, so if you are bringing a posse with you it will be easy to find each other.

When it's boots-on-the-ground, get busy and get up high as first order of business. The rest is up to you.

The maps are available on my Nexus mods page and also in the resource section here. Enjoy!