Maps are going to be a different beast. It will probably be easier to say what we don't want upfront.

Just your regular run-of-the-mill RWG maps, NO.

If you are into unique biome setups, maps that are made specifically for overhauls, or possibly using a unique generation method or one of the map generators, YES.

I added this classification and option to The Wilderness Project site because of the popularity of alternative maps, and the possibility for creating unique ones for some of the popular overalls.

Unlike the prefab submission system here, since maps are pretty big file size wise, it's going to be up to you to provide a download link when submitting maps for community voting and testing. It's not as bad as it sounds, anybody can use one of the many free cloud services like Google Drive or Mega for this.

Because of what's involved with setting up a new map on a hosted server, the rotation on the Wilderness Project map test server is going to be based on community popularity through voting. There's just no efficient or logical way to do this other than limit it to popularity and community desire.

The guidelines for making the maps are a lot easier than for prefabs- The major concern is if it's used for an overhaul, obviously the users need to have that overhaul installed and that must be noted. Otherwise if it's for vanilla 7 Days to Die, that needs to be noted as well.

In simplicity:

When posting your map for submission, use this format:

Description - Why is this a unique map?
Size - 6k,10k, 12k, etc...
MapToolz or similar preview images.
A video if you wish.