For years now modders have been putting forth a lot of great prefabs but the vast majority of them tend to focus on cities, towns and villages. We see this with popular mod sites and the existing compilations like Compopack, and creators who go above and beyond like ZZTong, etc.

Ever since Alpha 20 released, content creators who do overhauls have really stepped up their game as well. 7 Days to Die is not the same game it was just a few years back.

Projects like Undead Legacy, War3zuk’s, Darkness Falls and more breathed new life into the game and I even found myself last year diving deep into customizing maps for my own multiplayer servers. Anyone familiar with my work lately and probably see I rather enjoy making maps and have a pretty good amount of prefabs on the burner.

The thing that disappointed me I suppose is whenever you start a new game, you are generally dropped on the outskirts of a city and fight your way in. People tend to look at the wilderness areas as merely separation between them and spend very little time doing anything out there. Call me an old fashioned apocalyptic prepper, but damn it the cities are infested and who in their right mind would want to fight to get in?

Well, that's where this idea for The Wilderness Project got started. It's pointless to try to reinvent the wheel with work that other creators have already done out there, so I only seek to create an environment for myself and other creators to focus on what I feel the game needs right now.

The site, the servers, the whole shebang at this point is what I've been working on in the background for the last few weeks after coming up with the idea earlier this summer. I finally got around to pulling it all together and I hope it's worth everyone's attention. Its success is going to be dependent on the community, and I'm going to do my best to keep everything together and help it evolve.

I'm hoping others will come on board and users will enjoy the hopeful fruits of this labor. We will see.

What is the project for?

The goal is to create and make accessible wilderness biome only prefabs for 7 Days to Die, in categorized and easy to understand and maintain sections so that players and server administrators can tailor their maps and experience by filling in a under-utilized prefab type that is currently in the game.

Since the early stages of the project development, a lot of things have changed. Personally, I wasn't just happy with maps. Did that, done that oh, been there.
In short, the environments system became my focus. After working on the project quietly for the last few months I came to realize that I could do a lot more, a lot more needed to be done, and well read on.

Introducing the The Wilderness Project Environments

Proof-ish of concept- I've played through to day 42 on this map and had the time of my life; of course going in I knew I'd see tons of duplicate POI's, but thats the point and the need to following through with this project.




Wolfrune The Ancient